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Parent Page

Please register in person if possible.  Parent Handbook must be read, signed and then turned in. prior to students starting class.  If not, the handbook MUST  be signed on the first day of class.  

Parent Page

We know how important it is for our parents to know what is going on in the Dance Studio. We post a lot of information on our Facebook page, and our Face book group (Umbiance The Inner Circle). Unfortunately, you may not always get the latest notification in your home feed from  Umbiance Dance Facebook page. We suggest you bookmark this page and check back for updates and current information about dance classes, recitals, pictures, and rehearsals!  Please note that our website it updated once a month.

Miscellaneous Information

Elderly Care Facility                       May 28th

Kings Dominion                             June 30th

National Night Out                       August 7th

                                                                   5-9 pm

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