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Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts

2016/2017 Studio Company Requirements and Procedures

Audition for Company is for students age 7 and above at Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts studio.

The audition will include different genres to further explore the form and function of the dancers to be selected for the upcoming year.

The audition will include ballet and jazz. (This is an idea of what will be assessed. Please be prepared for all styles of dance.)


Those auditioning should have a solo prepared in any style they choose. Please remember to bring the musical selection to the audition in the form of a CD or MP3 format. No exceptions will be made for those who neglect to bring their music. Note: Solo remarks will be tallied into the student’s accumulation of points acquired throughout the auditioning process.


The student will be assessed on the following standards,


Correctional implications

Stage presence/confidence

Rate of dance growth

Ability to choreograph (solo)


Admission into UCPA Studio Company

Those selected to participate in the company will be placed in one of two Corps;

Studio Company

Junior Studio Company

Students accepted into either category will be held to the same standards. The Studio Company will be responsible for performing at all functions listed and the Junior Studio Company will be permanent understudies until they have been accepted into the Studio Company.

All students will have the same class and performance schedule.

One is no better or more important than the other.


Students must participate in at least two weekly classes in addition to the scheduled Company classes and rehearsals. One of these classes must be ballet.


Company members will not have more than two unexcused absences per month. Continual lack of commitment will result in expulsion from the Company and the space will automatically be filled. (Junior Company member will be accepted first before looking elsewhere.)


Attire is mandatory for all classes. (Company or otherwise) Without proper attire student will be asked to sit out from class as well as other forms of discouragement selected by the instructor. (i.e. push ups, sit ups etc.)


Company members will have no less than four dances in the cue at all times. These dances will be those performed at functions. New dances will be added on a rotational basis.

Performance venues will include but are not limited to;

The Stafford Fair

Christmas Parade

UCPA Shows (December/June)

Public School Performances


Thank you for your support in the quest to fulfill the need to share the art of dance with the community. We will be looking forward to seeing students participate in the audition for the Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts Studio Company.

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