Dress Code

·         NO JEWELRY 

·         NO GUM

·         NO JEANS


Unless stated otherwise HAIR should be pulled into a bun or ponytail!  Small ear studs are the only acceptable jewelry.  Our Dress Code is Mandatory for all ages.  Your dancer will not be able to participate if they are not dressed with the right attire! 

You can purchase your attire through UCPA or Discount Dance Supply.

Order your attire online from and use our Teacher Code to get a discount!      Teacher Code: TP41025

Although we encourage students to express themselves, it is important for students to abide by a dress code. We have a dress code policy for the following reasons:


A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for the students, teacher, and the art of dance. How a dancer feels will affect how they dance.


Teachers must be able to see the dancer’s body outline clearly in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc.


this means your student's skin color...we have a spray to color pink canvas shoes in our studio shoppee.


UCPA  Custom

black split sole tap shoe.jpg

Split Sole Tap Shoes


Hip-Hop Shoes


Skin Tone Tights

hip-hop shorts.jpg

Black Dance Shorts


Boys Dancewear


Canvas ballet pink ballet shoes

jazz pants.jpg

Jazz Pants


Black Jazz Shoes