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Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts

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The Leading Education Arts Program (LEAP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts. LEAP was established in 2015, to make a positive change in the lives of young people through the discipline of the performing arts in the Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia area.


Just in time for the holidays! Spring 2020 we are offering 8 performing arts scholarships for students K -12. LEAP scholarships are open to youth in the Fredericksburg, Stafford and surrounding communities who are undeserved, underrepresented, or have other health impairments and challenges that may impact their academic, social and emotional well-being. Please visit and complete the online application today! APPLICATION WILL BE OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 22nd.

"Beyond The Dance Floor"

Our vision is to build a supportive artistic educational environment where students from all backgrounds can develop to the best of their abilities through integrity and goodwill regardless of financial status or physical abilities. We nourish the hearts and minds of the youth and their families by hosting consistent creative dance and theater workshops/classes for communities in low-income areas.


 We have a 360 integrative approach to each child's development to help our students discover things about themselves as we discover them

Building Families

Each year LEAP host affordable community events such as our annual Father & Daughter Ball or Mother and Son Ball.

We continue to partner with local schools by serving as mentors and introducing Elementary, Middle and High School students to the performance arts

Local Schools

2019-2020 Inaugural

Fundraiser gala

Spring 2020

We are seeking your support to LEAP with a donations or sponsorship to raise $25,000 toward our annual fundraising campaign. All proceeds will go into our LEAP General Fund, which will support the following, 2019 LEAP goals:


1.) Host a summer program, whereby, we can serve at least 20 at risk students and 8 special needs students;

2.) Continue to partner with local schools and organization by serving as mentors and introducing Elementary, Middle and High School students to the performance arts;

3.) Our programs will be greatly reduced or free for underrepresented families who may not have the financial resources to avoid summer camps;

4.) Award 8 students from our After School programs a scholarship to receive additional training at other prestigious performing arts school and/or programs throughout the Fredericksburg and Stafford communities.

5.) Host affordable community events such as our annual Father & Daughter Ball or Mother and Son Ball.


Through community partnerships around the Fredericksburg/Stafford, VA area, LEAP strives to share its high-level co-curricular and specialized art education programs with the community each year.    LEAP's programs inspire families through the joy of dance, music, art and theater as they’re given something positive to focus on, specific goals to attain, a sense of meaningful accomplishment and an appreciation of the Arts.


Our programs involve structure and discipline, listening and following instruction skills, persistence, problem solving, cooperation, body awareness, creative expression and the essential importance of caring for each other. While dance is the vehicle, the goal is to provide these young lives with a strong sense of self and the necessary tool kit to face life with the strength to overcome obstacles. Our goal is to help kids discover “they can” and empower them for a lifetime.

Our Community Partners and Sponsors

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LEAP relies on the experience, vision and leadership of its Board of Directors to provide the organization with responsible governance and strengthen its effort to ensuring all children has the ability to experience the arts regardless of their finances or disabilities.

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