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Tuition is paid in ten monthly installments from September to June.  Monthly rates are calculated by the number of hours the student dances per week. Monthly tuition rates are based on an average of 4 lessons a month.  Tuition is always due by the 1st of every month.

Registration Fee

$45 per student (Due at time of registration) $60 per family (Due at time of registration)

Monthly Fee

We offer automatic payments to ALL  students for your convenience. A $10 late fee will be added on the 5th day of each month and $5  for each additional week the account becomes delinquent.

45 Mins of  Dance Per Week
1 Hour of  Dance Per Week
2 Hours of  Dance Per Week (10% discount)
Performance Company (Audition Only)
Flat Fee
Hours of  Classes Per Week
Cost Per Class
Monthly Tuition

Tuition is paid each month, a signed drop form MUST be handed in (front desk) or mailed in order for automatic payments to STOP. (Also see the contract about tuition payments) Tuition is non-refundable.  In certain cases, you may receive a credit to your account.  For your convenience, you will be billed each month.  


 5% discount for annual tuition paid in full

10% sibling discount

10% for all students that register before August 15th, 2018

30% off for boys

scholarships are available -  LEAP

(All fees are subject to change without notice at any time due to the discretion of the studio)


Be apart of an unique dance experience

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