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Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts hopes to “Cultivate the Community through the Arts”. Our goal is to provide an exceptional learning environment where artist can be acknowledged and celebrated regardless of race, color or creed. Our mission is to help inspire the next generation of artist so that they feel fully confident to be their authentic selves and change the world for the better.


 Director, Khalia Harris believes that the arts are essential to human growth. The arts feed the imagination, broaden our perspectives, deepen our understanding of the human condition, and help us express what words can fail to articulate.  


Students will also learn the importance of giving back, being earnest and disciplined. Each year students will be a part of events, performances and dance recitals that will aid in giving to one community charity. We want not only to provide a quality dance program but also to help our dancers develop self-confidence, self-worth, and the strength to work towards their personal goals.  It is our desire to touch the lives of our dancers and help them realize that they have something unique to offer the world if only they have the courage to dream and the determination to make their dreams come true.

Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts

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